Rules & Regulation

General Rules & Instructions

  1. School begins with the morning assembly, to 10 minutes ahead of which all should reach the school premises.
  2. Every student should bring the School Diary to school daily. Pupils should come to school clean and tidy in their school uniform even on his/her birthday.
  3. During the school hours no student is allowed to leave the school premises without permission.
  1. All should be particularly careful not to throw paper or rubbish anywhere in the school premises. They should use bins, special for the purpose.
  2. Scrubbing on the walls, desks and board is strictly forbidden.
  3. Any damage done or caused either to the school or to the fellow student will have to be made good by the one found responsible for it, if not traceable by all the students collectively.
  4. No student is allowed to bring any razor-blades or sharp edged pointed tools or weapons to the school.
  5. Pupils are responsible for the safe custody of their books and belonging. Each article should be marked with the pupil’s name, admission number and class. No jewellery is to be worn in the school.
  6. Running, playing or shouting inside the class room and the veranda is strictly forbidden.
  7. Every child attending school is obliged to take part in drills, games and other activities.
  8. Students are requested to speak English in the School.
  9. Students are reminded to address their teachers and all the staff members with due respect and politeness. On their way to and the from school they are expected to be gentlemanly.