School Uniform

Boys Girls
Shorts (NUR to IV), or deep grey pants (V to X)
White shirts (half sleeves), grey striped neck tie, school belt, black leather shoes with lace and white socks.
White blouse (half sleeves), deep grey pleated tunic ( Nur – II),
Deep grey Skirt (Class III-X), Grey stripped neck tie, White socks, black leather shoes with lace, red and white ribbons or hair band.
Boys & Girls
Every Monday and Friday white uniforms with particular colour house
T- Shirts with white canvas shoes.
Boys & Girls: Grey Blazer, grey muffler compulsory (VI – X)
Boys: - Red long sleeved V-neck pullover,white/coffee coloured trousers Red monkey cap (Nur – V),
Girls: - Red long sleeved V-neck pullover, Red scarf
white and coffee colour leggings (1–X )
The School endeavours to inculcate habit of cleanliness and neatness and parents are requested in the interest of their children and the school to see that their children are always turned out smartly not only while attending functions.
It is compulsory for students to wear the above approved school Uniform. A pupil whose general appearance does not confirm to the rule of neatness may be sent home by the principal.