To The Parents & Guardians

General Rules & Instructions

  1. Parents are expected to play their part by enforcing regularity and discipline and see that the children prepare their lessons daily.
  2. When communicating with the principal, parents or guardians are requested to mention in the heir letter the name, admission No., class and section of their ward.
  3. Parents are requested not to enter the class rooms. All the dealings with the teachers must be conducted through the principal.
  4. Parents need to keep in mind that tutors will never replace the habit of personal study.
  5. If the parents have grievances against any of the teachers they ate advised to meet the principal and settle the matter amicably.
  6. Criticism of the teachers in the presence of the student should be prudently avoided as this way adversely affect the child.

Important Message

If the child is sick parent / guardian must inform the school authority within three days of absence and on his return to school.
a).  Get a Doctor’s Certificate, not the prescription.
b).   Enter the sick leave in the Regularity Record of the ward’s School Calendar.
Submit the above mentioned to office or else the other rules of the absence will be considered.

  1. Parents and guardians are requested to co-operate with the school authorities
    1. by urging their wards to be regular and punctual attendance and punctilious about manner and speech. Implicit obedience to the school rules and regulations is an essential condition for continuance on the school roll.
    2. By not engaging private tutors without consulting the school authority. It is the policy of the school as a rules to discourage tuitions as they may prove injurious to the real progress of the pupils.
    3. By insisting that their wards are diligent at their home works and lessons.
    4. By insisting on neatness and cleanliness of their text book, exercise books and personal appearance, by occasionally interviewing the Principal about the progress of the children.
  2. All communications should be addressed to the Principal.
  3. Any change of address should be notified immediately.
  4. Identity card should be produced by Parents / guardians in the office for any reason while taking their wards from school.